AI Generated Ray Romano’s

Here are some images I made of Ray Romano using various AI tools.

“Ray Romano Cartoon”
Is that a printer talking behind him?

Ray Romano Cartoon

“Ray Romano talking to a printer”
On one hand he has about 12 fingers, on the other he has none!

Ray Romano talking to a printer

“Ray Romano eating a printer”
Enough said.

And finally…

“Ray Romano discovering dinosaurs for the first time”
“Look at these beautes'” – Ray, probably.

Broken football ball

We found a broken football ball under our tree.
It had a large gaping hole and the outer layer was almost entirely gone.
We decided to play with it anyway!

Things you can do with a broken football ball:

  1. Play football with it anyway
  2. Stuff it with pinecones and make a chair for a squirrel or chipmunk

Flying Cats

We had some fun drawing silly things the other day. Here is what we came up with.

portrait of our two cats with wings and their human
super toaster, forcefield tea cup, flying waffles and badminton raquet with wings

Race to the Place!

Over the holidays we got a new puzzle that has the main organs and circulatory system on one side and bones on the other side. After we finished putting it together, we devised a new game:

Race to the Place™!

How to play:

  1. Get some small stuffies (seen below)
  2. One stuffy will be the “teacher”
  3. The “teacher” will call out an organ
  4. The other stuffies need to race to that place!
  5. If they get it right, they get a point

For example, the teacher would say “Race to the place….. the appendix!!”
Below you can see only two stuffies got it right.

Zebra has been known to get things really wrong which makes us all laugh

I gotta say, I’m learning all my organs really well.
Might move on to the bones pretty soon.

Halloween Candy Chute

I made a candy chute for Halloween this year and I thought it turned out pretty good:

What I used:

  • One 10-foot PVC pipe, 3 inches wide
  • A sawhorse at the base where I screwed it on to
  • Metal perforated straps to secure the pipe
  • Christmas lights for decor
  • Candy

What I need to improve for next year:

  • The pipe width of 3 inches is not great for some candies, especially ones in flat square packaging – resulted in a lot of stuck candy. I need a wider pipe or smaller, heavier candy
  • I need a method to unclog the candy. Maybe a large stick or a shop vac, or some dead rats

Shiny Crabs

Lately, we’ve been having a lot fun making shiny purple crabs out of play-doh. We also make frogs, snails, and the occasional poop because all kids love making play-doh poop and so do I. My daughter also invented what she calls a “Cinnamon Twist Hair” – which is when you put a cinnamon bun on an animals head as a haircut.

Pure genius.

Something I realized is that I’m constantly afraid of the play-doh sitting out too long and getting ruined, even though it’s only a $1 can (bottle? cylinder?). I have some sort of play-doh anxiety. While we’re playing I’m constantly checking for how it feels, alerting of hardening conditions, and recovering lost crumbs from the ground quickly.

As a kid, play-doh was this sort of “holy grail” of American Toys™. It wasn’t something you could find in a store, so we only got it when we travelled to the U.S. or if someone brought us some back as a gift. It was pretty rare stuff. We’d have 1 or 2 cans of play-doh that we’d have to make us last for 5+ years. I was so afraid of loosing a crumb or making it go stale that I just ended up never opening it.

One of my favourite gifts I received as a kid was from my mom just after I had gone through Tonsil surgery.

Post-It Notes.

When you’re a kid and you’ve never seen anything like a Post-It Note, it’s really magical. Colourful, square, sticky, paper?? I kept the Post-It’s for 14 years in a box of special things (until my dad tossed them, probably thinking they were garbage).

Sometimes I do have these strange bonds with mundane things like Post-Its and Play-Doh, and it can be hard to explain and it’s even hard to understand why those things still affect me much later in life. As odd as it seems, I like to think that it’s a reminder for me to keep learning to appreciate things that might seem minuscule to me but that in fact can be full of wonder and excitement.

Thanks for the Post-Its, Mom!