How to get files off of your father-in-laws Blackberry Z10

Step 1:  Read 100 forum posts about how hard it is

Step 1.5: Replace the entire screen front plate so you can turn on USB transfer mode

Step 2: Install Blackberry Link on your Mac

Step 3: Realize that Blackberry Link doesn’t work on the last 5 years of mac OS

Step 4: Install Windows on your Mac

Step 5: Install Blackberry Link on your new Windows virtual machine

Step 6: Question your life choices

Step 7: Find a USB-A to USB-C dongle because dongles

Step 8: Plug and Unplug your Blackberry 127 times until Windows finally recognizes it

Step 9: Realize Blackberry Link is garbage and it won’t do anything right

Step 11: See your Blackberry somehow mounted as a drive in Windows

Step 12: Drag and drop 1484 files to your Windows computer

Step 13: Realize you need to install VirtualBox Guest Additions to even get these files back to your mac

Step 14: Finally get all the files into Dropbox and breathe deeply