I think I have an addiction to hobbies.

Musical instruments, new skills, new sports, I can’t get enough.

One of my latest hobbies is amateur woodworking.  I say amateur because my brother in-law knows what he’s doing, and I just pretend.  I’ve been collecting tools and slowly learning how to make things.  It’s actually a lot easier than you would think.

Here is a table I made!

2016-11-30 16.45.59.jpg
Finished product
2016-09-10 04.37.50.jpg
Good ol’ clamps

I used these plans and the cost of all the wood was $80. The stain, sealer, and screws were probably another $50.

The hardest part, I learned, was staining and sealing.  Especially if you want a good water-resistant table, it’s going to take a long time to stain and seal.  I did 3 coats of stain and 5 coats of seal, which is about 7 nights of work.

I also made the table about 2 centimetres too long, so I had to take our door off to fit it into the house.  Turns out the door takes up space when bringing in a huge table inside, and I did not think of that.

When Spring arrives I’ve got more things planned like some adirondack chairs, an outdoor couch, shelving for the garage, and a reading nook for Amalia.

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