Over the holidays we got a new puzzle that has the main organs and circulatory system on one side and bones on the other side. After we finished putting it together, we devised a new game:

Race to the Place™!

How to play:

  1. Get some small stuffies (seen below)
  2. One stuffy will be the “teacher”
  3. The “teacher” will call out an organ
  4. The other stuffies need to race to that place!
  5. If they get it right, they get a point

For example, the teacher would say “Race to the place….. the appendix!!”
Below you can see only two stuffies got it right.

Zebra has been known to get things really wrong which makes us all laugh

I gotta say, I’m learning all my organs really well.
Might move on to the bones pretty soon.

One thought on “Race to the Place!

  1. Mikey, I had not read your blogs for some months,….and you made me laugh! not only with the race to the place that I loved playing the other night, but with the play dough and the sticky notes,….thank you for reminding me! I remember the care with playdough, and still I do care for it so much, it is silly. love you, and you make me so happy when you share your plays with Amaleia you are an awesome dad, the relationship and bond you have with her will make her life so much easier, and rich. Love you and miss you lots, can’t wait to get to see your house in person one day …. besos hijo I love you Mami

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